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Third revision of the About this blog page follows:

Robert JA Basilio Jr. currently works for a Philippine news website.

One of his short stories, The Man Who Came Home, was chosen as honorable mention during the 2000 Philippine Free Press Literary Awards. The same piece was anthologized in Nine Supernatural Stories, published by the University of the Philippines Press.

He was a fellow for fiction in English of the 1995 National Writers’ Workshop in Dumaguete City and the 1998 University of the Philippines Summer Writers’ Workshop held in Baguio City.

He can — and likes to — stay at home for long periods of time.

He began to blog sometime in 2006.

Previous entry:

Nothing in Particular used to be a weekly column that ran for one and a half years at a Manila daily from June 2004 to early 2006. It was discontinued when he moved to another newspaper and his requests for space were unacted upon.

Now, he blogs, somewhat irregularly, for GMANews.TV.


3 responses to “Whatever, etc.

  1. I was quite amused by the explanation on your icon here. I thought the icon was some kind of a thinking chair or sofa.

  2. Marc

    Actually there used to be a private Playboy Club in Manila in the Silahis Hotel in
    Roxas Blvd………..Back in 1980 I went backto Manila………and attended a Ms Young International Pageant……hosted by my friends….will just witheld their names…….nalang…………as they were connnected at some time to Imelda M…it was held at Silahis Hotel…….and we went to the Playboy Club…….don;t know how long that club stayed………..

  3. Toe

    Hi! Oh, so you have the Dana. I only have the Neo. But it’s really nice to know that there’s another alphasmart user here in the Philippines. People find it weird whenever I use mine. 🙂

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