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Nothing in Particular meet Jack the Scribbler

We’ve moved.
Or more accurately I’ve moved.
After blogging at/for for nearly three and a half years, I decided to put up my own website,
Besides containing all the previous site’s usual refinements, Jack The Scribbler will be more updated with uhm stuff that’s going on whatever or wherever that might be.
So there.
Please pay me a visit at
And yes, I plan to earn from this online venture — not that much but hopefully enough to pay for domain, hosting, and the occasional beer.
In exchange, I will provide some form of entertainment.
Content will be updated everyday for the next few days.
That’s a promise.
In the meantime, why are you still here?
Scoot on over to
See you there.


Credit must be given to Jayme Esmeralda Brucal-Gatbonton for helping me choose the platform for the new site. Thanks, Jayme.

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