My world and welcome to it (again)

The tools of my blogging trade, an Alphasmart Dana and a PowerBook G4

The tools of my blogging trade, an Alphasmart Dana and a PowerBook G4

Welcome to Nothing in Particular version 2.0, the second incarnation of the blog of the same name.

Like all version upgrades, NIP 2.0 offers enhancements, featuring regular updates and allowing more participation between the blogger and the bloggees (also known as people subject to ridicule, most of whom are my friends), and readers who, faithfully, religiously, time and again, against all odds, visit this blog despite its lack of activity for the last year or so. (Having an entry about the Philippine version of Playboy Magazine does help this blog’s hits. So does my travelogue about Pakistan, which by the way was mentioned and highly-regarded by the Pakistan Ambassador to the Philippines during a dinner held last year at his official residence in Forbes Park.)

But enough of self-praise.

To my bloggees and readers, Nothing in Particular 2.0 is dedicated to you, whoever you may be and whatever beliefs you may hold.

As NIP 2.0’s first and primary enhancement, this website now offers a disclaimer, issued no less than myself, the primary entity behind all this self-indulgent online blather.

This is the blog of Robert JA Basilio Jr., also known as Boojie and/or Booj to friends, foes, and family; Robert to friends, co-workers, and acquaintances abroad; Basilio to friends who may had too much to drink; and “that old geezer who sometimes forgets to feed me on time” to my cat.

All opinions and observations, however trivial, minute, and irrelevant are solely my own and should not be, in any way, imputed to GMANews.TV, the company which employs me and which happens to be the subsidiary of a subsidiary of GMA Network Inc., the Philippines’ leading media company. (GMANews.TV is managed by Media Merge Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMA New Media Inc., which, in turn, is the online subsidiary of GMA Network Inc.)

I also blog for GMANews.TV but I do not submit all my blogs for publication at the company’s website.

For NIP’s next enhancement, allow me to state the obvious, a privilege abused by those who believe themselves capable of intelligent thought.

This blog’s latest incarnation uses a new theme called Press Row, which was supposedly designed to make one feel like a journalist.

By adopting and using PressRow — designed by Chris Pearson, as indicated at the bottom of the page — entities involved in maintaining and managing this website hope to bring a fresh and perhaps even a more positive outlook, if not on life, at least on blogging.

This website’s third enhancement is Flickr Special K, also known as Flickr Kuno, a text-based widget available on wordpress that indicates and/or describes the provenance of the header photo.

As indicated on the upper right hand corner, the header photo may be replaced on certain occasions, depending on my mood and inclination.

Twitter, an application that allows microblogging, is the fourth enhancement, allowing visitors to get a foretaste of my dementia.

For the last but not the least enhancement — not that it matters — I am proud to announce that this blog was written on an Alphasmart Dana, a small mobile “alternative laptop” that runs using the Palm OS.

The company that makes the Alphasmart — US-based Rennaissance Learning Inc. — has reportedly gone under rehabilitation, one of the corporate victims of the global economic slowdown.

Fortunately, even after they reportedly filed for bankruptcy protection, I was able to acquire this used but nevertheless thoroughly serviceable gadget from an eBay seller in England.

Another shot of the Dana and the PowerBook, together in bed

Another shot of the Dana and the PowerBook, together in bed

Took a while for the package to arrive but it came nonetheless, prompting me to pay additional taxes to the Bureau of Customs, helping the agency in my own small way to meet its revenue targets, an undertaking which it has, time and again, missed.

This is my second Alphasmart Dana, the first being in a state of disrepair after its power button hit something hard after falling off my bedside drawer. This explains why I am taking extra care of this one, having paid a not insignificant amount to acquire and have it shipped to Manila.

With that, I leave you to your untrammeled internet surfing and hopefully, to your online enjoyment, whatever that means.

Thank you. That is all.


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