Jokefest for the dateless


A public service announcement for the ten or so people who read this blog, as of February 13, 2008, excluding my wife:

YTRiP invites you to take the alternative route this Valentine weekend! Join us in JOKEFEST FOR THE DATELESS, a fundraising laughtrip on 16 Feb, Sat, 8pm @ Club Intramuros. Tickets @ 150 each, with a drink. For the list of performers and to see what the fundraising is for, visit us at Location map may be found here.


Disclaimer: The amount raised for the event will not benefit this irregular blogger, save for some good karma, which unfortunately, cannot be exchanged for a cold bottle of beer, even at your nearest suking tindahan. Meanwhile, for absolute losers who can’t even go to the event after failing to get a date this Valentine’s, buy me a few beers and I may even agree to listen to your angst. however trivial.



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2 responses to “Jokefest for the dateless

  1. mrlocario

    can people with dates come too? lol

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