Please help look for lost cat

Booj and Ming

MINGGOY, a seven-year old, grey and white, indoor British shorthair cat disappeared from his UP Village apartment early Friday, January 4, 2008. Slightly indifferent, a bit insensitive but nevertheless lovable, Minggoy is unusually large for a domestic feline, weighing anywhere from 15 to 17 lbs. and measuring slightly less than two feet long. He has grey markings on his face and body. Any information regarding his wheareabouts can be sent via text messaging to +63917 804 3798, transmitted via email to thefutureliesahead at yahoo (dot) com, or posted on his blog, A reward awaits the person who helps him reunite with his human family members.



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6 responses to “Please help look for lost cat

  1. hope minggoy returns soon – mebbe he’s just sowing his “domesticated oats” somewhere nearby? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the concern. He came back two days after he left. 🙂 Which is why I’m back to problematizing all the other angsts I ignored when he disappeared.

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