And now for something particularly uxorious




ux·o·ri·ous [uhk-sawr-ee-uhs, sohr-, uhg-zawr-, -zohr-]–adjective doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive toward one’s wife—from

NO one can blame me for being uxorious. After all, besides bringing me to the US, she has also brought me to Europe, on top of the fact that she is one pretty woman who agreed to marry me. Just goes to show you I have a good taste in women. Unfortunately, what does that make her?

Shown from top to bottom is C. pausing for a bite while seeing La Vie En Rose, the Edith Piaf film bio on the KLM console; grabbing some shut-eye at Milan’s Malpensa Airport; and waiting for the connecting train to Bellagio at the Lecco station where we were detained for the good part of an hour. More pictures available at my account, access to which is restricted to friends.


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One response to “And now for something particularly uxorious

  1. YerskY

    hi boojie,

    hehehe, can i call U Mr. U from now on? i can only ENVY you Ser. happy bellagio to U and C!

    a your sky (in russian, yerski sonofavich)

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