Photos of our fat cat

Booj and Ming

WHICH of course includes some shots of his human companions can be accessed here and here.



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12 responses to “Photos of our fat cat

  1. wow, really big cat!!! and adorable!

    my brothers and i have a (big) mini-pinscher. we’ve come to call her a baboydog.

  2. taroogs

    yup, that is one fat cat… pati yung pusa mataba din! 🙂 wehehehehe (JOKE)

  3. Uy, I carry my cats the same way. I was scanning your blog entries and saw my name — sort of — that’s Anna Luisa, not Ma. Luisa (then I’d be Lu-ma not Lu-Ann, yes?) but no biggie : ). Thanks for linking up (so now I’m compelled to update my blog, hehe). Hug Ching for me.

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