Copy of newspaper disappears at business school library

BusinessMirror’s September 19, 2007 issue

Page 6 of BusinessMirror’s September 19, 2007 issue

ACCORDING to a text message I received Wednesday night, the September 19, 2007 issue of BusinessMirror disappeared from the library of the Asian Institute of Management. The front page carried my story featuring the possible suspension of Felix Bustos, a professor at AIM’s MBA program. Since BusinessMirror, the paper I work for, has yet to put up its archives, I have chosen to upload the pdf files of the pages where my story was published for the perusal of anyone interested. To recap, Professor Bustos may soon be supended because he was one of the supporters of fellow professors Noel Leyco and Vic Limlingan who were earlier suspended for one year for demanding employees compensation worth nearly a billion pesos. The pay hike was supposed to come from the tuition increases of AIM, 70 percent of which according to law should go to faculty members and workers of the institute.

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