My small family

Chingbee’s glamor shotC. and Minggoy on sofa in Pittsburgh

SHOWN are two photos of the members of my small family with whom I share a fairly spacious Quezon City apartment and a very happy home life, despite changing addresses in the UP village area for four times in three years. On the left is a glam shot of Conchitina R. Cruz, which was taken by fellow writer Ma. Socorro Villanueva, when both of them, together with a bunch of other writers recently went up to Baguio for the UP National Writers’ Workshop. Meanwhile, on the right is my wife and our feline son, Minggoy Basilio, on a sofa given to us by our American friends, Jess and Roya, when we lived in Pittsburgh. A gray and white British shorthair tomcat, Minggoy is older than us both, at least in cat years.
And it shows.
During the afternoons and the early evenings, our temperamental animal companion refuses to be touched or cuddled in any way. Unless his food bowl is empty. In which case, all bets are off.
But then again, I say this with utter fondness because coupled with my wife’s patience and uhm—Minggoy’s tolerance for his human father—life couldn’t be better for this drunken bum and a half who, in a few hours, will turn another year old.
To the wife and to the cat, I must say I love you both, even if one makes it a point to throw his poop outside the litter box and the other’s hair always clogs the bathroom drain.



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7 responses to “My small family

  1. Voltaire

    Nice Booj- Happy Birthday!

  2. Wifey

    Hugs and kisses from your favorite girl and your feline boy.

  3. Boojie

    Thanks to the both of you.

  4. pre,

    belated, april boy ka rin pala, kagaya ko he he he
    yours can only be an inter-species family!
    (something for animal rights activists to crow about 🙂

  5. Thanks, my euro-denominated friend.


  6. hi booj! so great to stumble into your blog. i love the name of your feline son. haha!

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