Should Alan Greenspan start blogging?

The answer seems yes, he should.
Or at least according to Kevin Hassett, the US economy columnist of the financial news service provider established by the current mayor of New York City. Hassett, in his recent column, said that Greenspan can still move markets, thanks to his arguably spectacular performance as US Fed chairman. When Greenspan told a Hong Kong audience that the US, the world’s largest economy, was moving towards a recession, stock markets tanked. (Incidentally, the equity plunge also led to a sudden sell-off in commodities since traders covered their losses from their gains in the rising prices of metals, among others.) Now, the question is, should he shut up and leave everything to Ben Bernanke, the current US Fed Chair? Or should he charge expensive fees (reportedly starting at $150,000 a head) to those interested in what he has to say? Neither, says Hassett. He should start a blog. Besides making the information public, Greenspan would also help Americans—and the world—understand the economy better.
Meanwhile, another Bloomberg columnist, Caroline Baum, said that while Greenspan has the freedom to talk more, people should listen less. In her recent column, she said that Greenspan should graduate from being a Who’s Who to a Who’s He?
However, Hassett’s proposal sounds better.
Not only will Greenspan enrich the online realm, it will also put many blogs, including this one, to shame. anyone?


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