Six-O-four and counting

AS of last count, this blog has been visited 604 times. This is surprising, considering I don’t update this blog that much. In any case, I will continue writing, if only for the five people who read this, most of whom probably are my friends abroad, including Mr. Romel Bagares, who has, as indicated in one of the links on the right of the page, is currently enjoying his stay in Europe.



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2 responses to “Six-O-four and counting

  1. Faye Ilogon

    I’m sure there are more than five of us reading this blog, sir. Hehehe.

  2. Hi Faye:

    Thanks for visiting.

    Crossing my fingers that what you’re saying is true,


    N. B. Will update this blog regularly. As in weekly. Promise. I’ll be writing stuff over the weekend. In any case, to all my five readers (six?), thanks for visiting. Will be posting some old stuff that have been published but have not been sufficiently ignored online.

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