Reading Granta 45: Gazza Agonistes

Currently reading the 45th issue of Granta, which features a lengthy 100-page biography of Paul Gascoigne, a British soccer player, who was popular during the early nineties. While I am not a sports buff at all, I find the Gascoigne aka Gazza profile a bit intriguing. If anything this blog will serve as my reading diaries, especially since I have yet to take full account of the things that I’ve read for this year. Just finished reading When the Kissing had to Stop by John Leonard. Great stuff from a former NYT reporter.



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4 responses to “Reading Granta 45: Gazza Agonistes

  1. Hi Boojie!

    I just read your latest entries. Count me in as one of your regular visitors to your blog.



  2. Thanks, Arvin. I’ll be putting a link to your blog shortly.


  3. oh Gazza!! funny little drunk he is

  4. The Granta Gazza issue features a 130++ bio of sorts regarding the soccer player, one of the longest that I’ve come across with in Granta.

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