Six hits in 12 hours

When I finished writing my last post, it was nearly ten o’ clock of a rainy Friday evening which I spent, of all places, at the office. Thanks to the efficiency of the public works department — or perhaps even the Makati City government — I was unable to cross over to the other side of Pasong Tamo to take a jeep to the nearest train station headed for Quezon City. Why? The whole stretch of Pasong Tamo — now named Chino Roces — was filled with so much water you’d think it was a beach. But it wasn’t — it was, at the risk of using a cliche — a bitch. So I was stuck at the office for four hours, fiddling over this blog. For instance, it took me four hours to figure out how to upload a picture, together with a message. Four hours.

In any case, now that I’m in a Cubao net cafe with what appears to be a painfully slow net access, I just want to say that there were six people who read this blog after I finished writing last night at the office. Six. Or perhaps even just one person who clicked six times. Or perhaps even two people who visited my pages thrice. Or probably even five entities one of whom clicked twice. Or whatever. To you, my readers, whoever you might me, thanks.

Now that I’m within the confines of Quezon City, I just have the need to tell everyone that HP — yes, Hewlett-Packard — is on the prowl for nine journalists who have received sensitive corporate information from certain board members of HP.  

Click on this to read more about it.

To these nine journalists, eight of whom were identified (I think) in the story, congratulations. You have been true to your calling.


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